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This page is where you’ll find actions from us or our partners, when they’re active. For more information about how to make your voice heard in Maryland, visit our Legislative Hub.

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Tell your legislators: kids shouldn't pay the price for a broken system

Maryland General Assembly leaders have introduced a bill to address concerns about teenagers who commit crimes.

Unfortunately, they did not consult experts in youth justice and child development, and instead proposed a bill that ignored over 20 years of data, experience and research. We know that incarcerating kids makes them more likely to be arrested for new offenses, not less.

Instead of fixing the system, this legislation will see thousands more kids incarcerated ever year, particularly Black and brown children.

Our kids shouldn’t pay the price for a broken system. Our children and our communities need your help to push back against this proposal and ask your legislators to pursue proven solutions.

Tell your legislators: update and improve EmPOWER Maryland!

EmPOWER Maryland, our state’s energy efficiency program, has been tremendously successful in increasing efficiency, reducing energy use and generation, and lowering utility bills. But, it’s time to update the program to better align with our climate goals and to reduce pollution that harms our health and planet.

Tell your legislators: invest in energy efficiency!

Tell your legislators TODAY that you support lowering prescription drug costs!

Maryland’s first-in-the-nation Prescription Drug Affordability Board has begun to determine ways to make high-cost prescription drugs more affordable, beginning with a focus on state and local government entities. As the Board nears the release of its recommendations, drug corporations’ Big Pharma has already begun to flood social media with misinformation and scare tactics to try to stop the Board from taking effective action. At a time when one in three Marylanders reports having skipped a dose or rationed medication due to cost, legislators need to hear from you to take action to make prescription drugs affordable in our state.

Stand with your local librarians!

Our county and public school librarians are on the front lines of the fight against extremism in Maryland. In Carroll County, they’re leading charge against draconian book bans and making sure all of our kids have the freedom to read – and they need you to join them!

Write a letter to your local librarians letting them know you stand with them and thanking them for everything they do for our communities. We’ll deliver your message to them!